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Fermentation Workshop

In this 3 hour 'hands-on' fermentation workshop, you will gain the knowledge and confidence needed to create your menu of fermented items.

The workshop is taught by Ann-Accetta Scott. Her focus is to give you the confidence and skills needed to benefit your health.

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A healthy gut is not made healthy by an over-the-counter powdered probiotic but by natural foods and beverages created with the help of beneficial live bacteria. Remember, healthy living begins with what you are consuming.

Individuals worldwide consume fermented foods and beverages daily, yet only a few Americans consume them regularly. So when did making and consuming fermented foods and drinks slip from the norm? Upon arrival at the supermarket.

The opportunity to consume fermented pickle items, krauts, kefir (milk and water), kombuchas, various kimchi flavors, or homemade sourdough bread is healthy and delicious. Not to mention, extremely easy to make.

What you will learn:

  • The health benefits behind consuming fermented items.

  • Fermented foods, beverages, dairy, and adult beverages.

  • The different food cultures - starters, SCOBY, sourdough starter, the mother

  • Equipment and supplies to have on hand

  • How to properly handle and store your live bacteria, fermented foods, and drinks.

  • Identifying and troubleshooting issues during the fermenting process.

  • Make an easy seasonal ferment kraut recipe.

Book your Workshop:

Our homesteading workshop is perfect for those seeking practical, hands-on solutions to achieve a sustainable lifestyle. We will teach you a variety of techniques, giving you the skills and knowledge needed to be self-sufficient and minimize your environmental impact. Our workshop is tailored to your interests and provides a fun, relaxed atmosphere to learn and connect with like-minded individuals.


Image by Brooke Lark
April 20th 2024
9am - 12 pm
Cost $45

This workshop it Saturday, April 20th, 2024 from 9 a.m. to 12 p.m. at The HUB at Hardison Mill, Columbia, TN

**Spring launch special pricing**

Coming Soon

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