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Our farm recently became a monthly drop point for Azure Foods.


If you’re not familiar with Azure Standard, they’re a wonderful family-owned company out of Oregon that specializes in provide affordable, organic, non-gmo grocery, household and garden products that you can order in bulk, right from home and get them delivered to your door. Actually they get delivered to our door, and if you live here in our area, you can join our drop and come here to the farm every month and pick up your order, at the same time we’re picking up our own.

If you’d like to be part of our Azure drop, or just want to learn more about Azure Standard and all they have to offer, go to: and to join our drop, just use their 'drop locator' to search for the drop point at our farm here in Columbia, Tennessee.


Below is a sweet little video we recently made from one of the drops here at the farm when Indy and I picked up our Azure order…


Join our monthly drop here at Hardison Mill

Good food
From good people
That's good for you

* Customers are asked to show up at the time of delivery or make arrangements for a friend or family member to pick up their order, as I'm unable to hold orders Delivery pickup window is two hours from scheduled drop time, I can only hold dry items on individual basis.

Contact our drop coordinator: email or call 802-345-5262

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