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This has been true for a while, but even more so in the last few years with a spike in fear, anxiety, and depression of epic proportions around world.There has never been a time in recent history where homesteading skills have been

more needed and relevant than right now.

The world has never been so connected via the internet, yet somehow, we are more disconnected from each other than ever before.

As our lives become more complicated, something inside us longs to simplify: To get back to the land and get our hands in the dirt, to get our hearts in what really matters in life.

In the last few years we've all seen empty grocery store shelves, and all across the country, people worried...

What does our future look like?

The Educators

*more educators to be announced


The Homestead Festival

would not be possible without the help of our sponsors.

Adult General Admission


Purchase of a General Admission pass provides you access to all speaker, vendors, and music during both days of the festival (except designated VIP, GA+, speaker, and media areas).

Child Pass - Ages 6-17


All children ages 6 - 17 must purchase a Child Pass. Children will be allowed to enter select designated areas if accompanied by a adult pass holder that corresponds with that area. Note, children 5 and under are free.

General Admission Plus


Includes all the perks of General Admission, plus access to the GA+ Tent which is air conditioned with seating and upgraded GA+ restrooms.

VIP Pass


Includes all the perks of General Admission, plus access Homestead Hall with regular restrooms, air conditioning, and complimentary snacks. VIP Pass holders also have reserved seating at concerts and speaker events, plus designated VIP Parking.


-Access to "Makers Corner" filled with hands-on demonstrations

-The "Homestead MarketPlace" with 100+ vendors

-Food Trucks with lunch and dinner FOR PURCHASE!

-Live music with nightly concerts

-Speaker tents and classes

-Passes are for full 2-day Weekend


Event is rain or shine and NON- Refundable

Lawn Chairs are not required, but are welcomed


* a portion of all ticket sales go to support

The Homestead School and non-profit Love Is A Gift

This two-day event will be a great opportunity to meet current and potential new customers first-hand and showcase your business to all those attending. Learn more by clicking picture below.

This past June we had over 4,000 people gather for our first Homestead Festival. This year we're hoping for up to 7,000+ attendees. If you would like to be a vendor you can learn more by clicking the picture below.

Every year we seek out friends and family to help us with the many tasks required to put on the festival. We are always looking for new friends to help. If you would like to volunteer this year, please sign up by clicking the picture below.

Would you like to be a part of this year's festival?

Get Involved

The Sponsors

Just a few years ago, we were right were you are...

Blessed to have the house we live in and the life we live, but longing for a home that means more. Not more things, but more of the 'good stuff.' The things that money can't buy.

So my wife Joey and I started putting down new roots, building a more sustainable life, and living on a farm, turning our house into a home.

From the simple act of putting seeds in the soil, our homestead has become a thriving source of life and love for my family and many of our friends.

Come join us at the The Homestead Festival in our 100-acre backyard.

here at our farm an hour south of Nashville, we’re bringing  together some of the most influential speakers, teachers, and musicians 

for a two-day event where you can learn not only how to grow your own food, but 

learn how to grow a life filled with meaning and purpose.

The Entertainment

Music on the Big Stage each evening by Rory and some of his favorite singers, songwriters and storytellers.


Rory Feek & Friends

Musicians to be announced!

June 2nd & 3rd 2023

to become a sponsor, contact us at

For More Info See "Be A Sponsor" Below

Have you always wanted to learn to... 

grow your own food, raise chickens, or milk a cow...

harvest, cook, can, and preserve...

have babies at home, or homeschool them as they grow...

keep bees or start a flower garden...

build a more sustainable life?